Semitrailers-refrigerators Krone SD 2013

15,000.00 +(PVN 21%)

Kreiss leasing:

Down payment
2 723 €
1st and 2nd month
978 €
3rd - 36th month

433 €

Monthly payment: 433 €


Product Description

We offer semitrailers-refrigerators for short and long term rent. We are ready to provide you with any of our refrigerators. By renting a refrigerator from our company, you will save yourself from the problems associated with technical conditions. You can use semitrailers for transportation of various cargo. Constant technical support of our specialized service. Semitrailers - Schmitz SKO24, KRONE SD. Year of release - not older than 3 years. The minimum rental period is 1 month Cooling unit - Carrier Vector 1550 diesel and electrical. Full length chassis construction SAF axles Air suspension EBS-braking system Disc brakes EBS-Modulator with RSS ( Roll Stability Support ) Spring parking brake Pallet box for 36 Euro-pallets 4 pairs of ferry shackles 2 mechanically operated landing legs