VOLVO FH13 500 6×2 2016

42,000.00 +(PVN 21%)

Kreiss leasing:

Down payment
5 082 €
1st and 2nd month
2 722 €
3rd - 48th month
968 €

Monthly payment: 968 €


Product Description

Mileage 400000 – 500000km GLOBETROTTER XL EURO 6 i-shift with i-see system for improving fuel economy ABS, EBS, ESP ECC, ACC Parking Cab Cooler ACC - Adaptive cruise control ECC - eco cruise control VEB + engine compression brake Axle load indicator Climatic device with solar illumination intensity sensor Immobilizer 905 liter tanks 7 kilos secondary informative display Rain sensor Chair heating Electric Heated Mirrors Glass lifts Refrigerator 33 liters Hatch Parking cab heater 2 kw Bi-Xenon In addition to the "corners" of light

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